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The National Consultation on Building Sustainability and Strategic Investments into the National HIV Response in Ukraine took place in Kyiv, 3-4 December, 2012.

The objective of the National Consultation has been to bring together the Government of Ukraine from both national and regional/local levels, civil society organizations, and development partners to draw up a Road Map towards building sustainability and enhancing strategic investments into the national HIV response through both HIV and broader programs.
09 February 2013

The respective national and international stakeholders shared lessons learned and best practices in the field, and provided strategic advice and inputs into the discussions. Subsequently, a vision on both HIV specific and other health, social and economic development questions has been developed. The Road Map presents a set of practical solutions specifically tailored to the conditions of Ukraine for the sake of increasing common responsibility, scaling up HIV prevention, treatment and care, and enhancing sustainability of the services and respective opportunities for both the state sector and the civil social until 2015 and beyond. The Road Map also specifies precise priority goals and objectives, priority target groups and actions.

It is expected that the Road Map will be reflected in the new NAP for 2014-2018, the development process of which commenced in December 2012, and also will be informing the ongoing state and externally supported HIV programs: all around country’s needs and priorities for achieving greater results, ensuring rights-based enablers and strengthening community systems. It was also proposed that the Road Map should inform broader healthcare and social services strategies and the ongoing public reforms for further effective synergy, services integration and due budgeting, positive spillovers and non-HIV specific outcomes.

The Road Map’s development and follow up processes are coming with the demonstrated understanding and commitment for country ownership, national political leadership and shared responsibility at the national level and throughout the country across national and external partners.

The consultation has been co-organized by the State Service for AIDS and Other Socially Dangerous Diseases, UNAIDS and The World Bank in cooperation with the civil society and other development partners, among them the GFATM, the US Office for the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC), USAID and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The Ukrainian participants included representatives of the governmental ministries and institutions, representatives of health and social sectors and AIDS programs from selected regions, civil society organizations, and academia.

The development and donor partners are represented by a variety of the organizations working in Ukraine and internationally, including UNAIDS Secretariat (Headquarters and Country Office in Ukraine), World Bank (its Global AIDS Program in Washington DC, USA and regional office for Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova), other UNAIDS cosponsoring agencies (WHO, UNDP, UNODC, UNICEF, ILO), GFATM, OGAC, USAID, CDC, European Commission and GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit – German Society for International Cooperation).

The National Consultation on Building Sustainability and Strategic Investments into the National HIV Response in Ukraine Kyiv – 3-4 December, 2012. Summary Report


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