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HIV prevention information campaign with “Druga Rika”

Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine, GIZ, UNAIDS, Public Health Centre and the MOH Ukraine launched the new wave of the HIV prevention campaign With condoms you hit the right note with Ukrainian band “Druga Rika” within the long-standing collaboration in HIV prevention under the moto “Don’t Give AIDS a Chance!”

HIV prevention information campaign with Druga Rika

On October 12 Mr. Wolfgang Bindseil, Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine, Mr. Roman Ilyk, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine, Ms. Tetyana Khimchenko, Deputy Team Leader of the “HIV/AIDS Advisory Services and Institutional Capacity Building” Project, Mr. Jacek Tyszko, UNAIDS Country Director for Ukraine and Mr. Valeriy Kharchyshyn, a lead vocalist of “Druga Rika” band took part in the press conference devoted to the new campaign.

“One of the key tasks of the ongoing Health System Reform is to prevent and inform the population about diseases. That’s why we are very happy that our international partners support this direction with information campaigns, which promotes healthy lifestyle and responsible behavior.” - stated Mr. Ilyk.

“For the third year in a row, the Campaign united the efforts of the Government of Ukraine, UNAIDS and GIZ. It has become a good tradition to present new waves jointly with our partners and we are happy that our collaboration continues.” – said Ms. Khimchenko

Welcoming new wave of the campaign, UNAIDS Country Director Jacek Tyszko is flagging that collaboration with the Government of Ukraine and GIZ enhance achievement of the UNAIDS Fast Track to End AIDS strategic targets 90 90 90. “This year Ukraine joined the Global HIV Prevention Coalition and we believe that our joint campaign as well as new opportunities for cooperation with international partners will get us closer to our aim”.

“Druga Rika” willingly supported “Don’t Give AIDS a Chance!” and urged Ukrainians to behave responsibly towards their health. The musicians remind us that the problem of HIV concerns everyone regardless of whether they are married or not, have a long-term relationship or recently met. That is why it is important to use condoms in order to minimize the risks and enjoy love. “We are thrilled to join “Don’t Give Aids a Chance!” campaign. It’s a wonderful opportunity to remind everyone that safe sex is cool. Fall in love, give in to passion and feelings, enjoy intimacy with your partner but more importantly, do not forget to use condoms as they truly help to protect your health”, summarized Mr. Kharchyshyn.


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