Activity in Ukraine

UNAIDS Country Office

The UNAIDS Country Office facilitates the work of the Joint UN Team on AIDS and coordinates the joint support which the UN system provides for the Government of Ukraine to achieve sustainable results in response to the HIV epidemic at both national and subnational levels. It fulfils the global UNAIDS strategy of Zero New Infections, Zero Discrimination, and Zero AIDS-related Deaths in Ukraine, and strives for generating and promoting the use of strategic information and evidence-informed policy to guide investment in targeted and quality responses in the country, and advocates for mutual accountability to ensure their implementation.

UNAIDS has five focus areas in Ukraine:

  • - Mobilizing leadership and advocacy for effective action on the epidemic.
  • - Providing strategic information and policies.
  • - Tracking, monitoring and evaluation of the epidemic.
  • - Engaging civil society and developing partnerships.
  • - Mobilizing financial, human and technical resources.

The UNAIDS Country Office works with various partners and stakeholders in Ukraine, including UN partners working in the area of HIV and AIDS; governmental partners – various ministries, National Coordination Council to Counteract TB and HIV-infections/AIDS, Ukrainian AIDS Center; civil society – nongovernmental organizations, community- and faith-based organizations, private sector; and other development partners, including donors and other members of the International community.

UNAIDS Country Office Team

Raman Hailevich

UNAIDS Country Director in Ukraine

+38 044 499 11 70

Marina Novachuk

UNAIDS Senior Adviser

+38 044 499 11 72

Olena Sherstyuk

UNAIDS Communication and Global Outreach Officer

+380 44 499 11 70

Nataliia Salabai

UNAIDS Consultant

+380 44 499 1170

Grigory Davigora


+38 044 499 11 70

Naira Sargsyan

UNAIDS Strategic Information Adviser

+380 44 499 11 70

Anastasiia Bortnik

Administrative Assistant UNAIDS in Ukraine

+380 44 499 11 70