Driver Clerk, UKRAINE

Vacancy No.: UNAIDS/22/FT97

Grade: G4

Contract type: Fixed-term Appointment

Duration of contract: 2 years

Duty station: Kyiv, Ukraine

Application Deadline: 23 November 2022


Administrative Assistance

Terms of Reference for a national consultant to provide administrative support services to the UNAIDS Country Office in Ukraine in 2022


In 2021, the UNAIDS country office (UCO) in Ukraine has received extrabudgetary funds to implement the following to projects: “Fast-Track Cities Project in Kyiv” (USAID) and “Supporting the development of community-led monitoring in Ukraine” (CDC) during the 2022-2023 biennium. Considering that the amount of the extra-budgetary funds exceeds that of the core funding available to the UCO, the UCO seeks to recruit an additional administrative assistant to ensure efficient implementation of the above projects. The additional assistant will be recruited on a short-term basis and help perform administrative tasks related to the projects’ implementation and thus will not duplicate the scope of work of the UCO’s Administrative Assistant.


CLM Development Framework

Terms of Reference for the National Consultant on development and piloting of the tools and mechanisms for community-led monitoring (CLM) in Ukraine


UNAIDS and CDC have had cooperative agreements to advance HIV/AIDS priorities since 2010. The most recent five-year agreement focused on increasing public health capacity and strategic information systems to fast track the HIV response involving selected countries, including Ukraine. The new agreement, 2021–2026, focuses on areas where UNAIDS strategic information leadership and strong ties to community-led organizations aims leverage the joint goals of both UNAIDS and CDC. Through this agreement “Strengthening public health capacity, strategic information systems and community engagement” UNAIDS and CDC, PEPFAR will work in selected high-burden countries to support health systems, civil society, and other key stakeholders at the national and district levels to collect and analyse data on the HIV epidemic and response and use these data to improve programme effectiveness and close the gaps and inequalities that exist in HIV programmes.